You will need your driver’s license, insurance card and a debit or credit card to put on file. We will only keep the card on file for damages, which you will get back once the trailer is returned the same way it was rented.

The damage deposit is unique to each trailer, just give us a call and we will give you all the info you need. Again, we will only hold that amount until the trailer is returned and your funds will be fully accessible immediately after the trailer is returned.

With the exception of the refrigerated trailer, all our trailers are rented on a daily and weekly basis. If you would like to rent any other trailer for longer than a week, please reach out and we would love to discuss!

The renter will be liable for the trailer as soon as the trailer is attached to their vehicle. We require that you talk to your insurance to make sure you have coverage, just for good measure, and are responsible for the trailer and the loads until the trailer is returned.

We do have late fees upon a missed drop off time for all of our trailers. We only do this because we think our time is as valuable as yours. There is a $15/hr fee that is applied after a 15 minute grace period of the scheduled return.

We offer everything you will need for an incredible experience during your rental. Ratchet straps, work gloves, tire iron, tire pressure gauge are just a few of the items we supply. We also offer a ball hitch at no extra charge.

Absolutely! For just $200 we offer drop off and hauling to anywhere in Springfield MO and surrounding areas up to 20 miles and no dump fee! After 20 miles there is a $2.00 per mile fee. We only ask that you don’t overload the trailer, but we will explain that later!